Salesforce for Pardot Admins

Salesforce’s technology is designed to help your business keep track of important prospect and customer data. When you combine the power of Pardot marketing automation with the Salesforce customer success platform, you unlock tools that will enrich and enhance your B2B marketing. With the Pardot and Salesforce integration, you can:

  • Automatically create and assign qualified new leads in Salesforce
  • Make tracked prospect activities visible to the sales team
  • Segment their marketing database using Salesforce information
  • and more!

It’s important for Pardot administrators to have a working knowledge of Salesforce in order to make the most of the integration.
With that in mind, we’ve designed this Salesforce for the Pardot Admin Guide to help you:

  • Understand Salesforce basics as they relate to Pardot
  • Navigate through Salesforce to locate your Pardot data
  • Explore new Salesforce functionality that can help support your B2B marketing goals