Salesforce User Sync Implementation Guide

Salesforce User Sync is a new feature that helps administrators better align and manage their Pardot and Salesforce users. This is an opt-in feature available to all Pardot customers using Sales Cloud. Enabling Salesforce User Sync significantly impacts user management and your users’ experience with Pardot and Salesforce. It may not be appropriate for all customers. Once enabled, user sync cannot be disabled.

Before enabling Salesforce User Sync, download and carefully review the Salesforce User Sync Enablement Guide. 

This guide contains a feature overview, considerations, an account readiness checklist, and best practices for managing synced users in Pardot and Salesforce.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • A feature overview
  • Considerations for enabling Salesforce User Sync
  • An account readiness checklist
  • Best practices for managing synced users in Pardot and Salesforce


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