Winter ‘21 Release

Create, send, and manage your email templates and email content with an enhanced email experience. Connect to Salesforce CMS to host and reuse images for email marketing, and get rollup metrics on the email records you use most. You can also resync prospects faster after import errors are resolved and customize your Einstein Attribution success milestone.

Pardot Email Experience: Email Redesigned

Pardot marketers now have a more streamlined and user-friendly end-to-end email experience that uses the power of the Lightning Platform. The redesigned email experience includes enhanced email design capabilities, preview and test options, and a configurable send experience. Marketers can build email content optionally from templates and add images, HTML, plain text, and HML merge fields to customize their emails. They can save email content for reuse and then view reports on content performance.

Analytics and Reporting: Enhanced Experience

Find updates throughout Pardot’s analytics offerings, including tuning options for Einstein Attribution, clearer B2B Marketing Analytics dashboards, and a beta feature that helps you sync custom fields. We also improved email reporting and made it easier for you to recalculate your own send email statistics.

Marketing Assets and Domains

New features put more power in the user’s hands, including more secure domains, and other enhancements.

Add to Prospect Lists from Contact Related List on Accounts

In Summer ‘20 we added support for marketers to add to Pardot Lists and Engagement Studio Lists from certain records and list view pages. We expanded this support, allowing marketers to add to lists from the contact related list on account records. Add to Pardot lists from records and lists views without leaving Salesforce.

Sync Prospects with Resolved Errors More Easily

A new option on the Prospect Sync Errors page lets admins trigger prospects with resolved errors to sync with Salesforce. Fix existing errors, then return to the Prospect Sync Errors page in Pardot, select your prospects, and click the button to trigger a sync. Previously, prospects with resolved errors were manually synced or reimported into Pardot.

Get Cleaner Data in Standard Campaign Influence Reports

The Campaigns with Influenced Opportunities (Customizable Campaign Influence) standard report now filters to show only primary campaign members. We fixed an issue where all campaign member records appeared in the Contact column, which caused duplicates.

The ObjectChangeLog is Being Retired

The ObjectChangeLog is scheduled for retirement with the Winter ’21 release for Salesforce orgs with Marketing Data Sharing enabled. If you use Marketing Data Sharing, and have custom logic built around the ObjectChangeLog to prevent certain records from syncing with Pardot, use Marketing Data Sharing rules instead.

Pardot Support for Internet Explorer 11 Is Being Retired on December 31, 2020

Pardot support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is scheduled for retirement on December 31, 2020. You can continue to use IE11 after the retirement date, but Pardot can’t guarantee support for all features. Use one of our other supported browsers to access Pardot.

Pardot API: New and Changed Items

Use the Pardot API more effectively with these new features and changes.

Pardot API Version 5 (Beta)

Now you can try out a new, standardized version of the Pardot API. Version 5 of the Pardot API offers new endpoints so you can import your own external landing page templates and files into Pardot.

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