Winter ’20 Release

We’ve added a dataset to B2B Marketing Analytics that features prospect demographic and engagement activity data together. The new Snippets feature offers reusable content for emails and email templates. This release also brings updates to the Pardot Einstein features Behavior Scoring and Campaign Insights, and improvements to asset handling in the Object Manager.
These release notes are also available in the Salesforce Winter ’20 release notes.

Explore Combined Prospect and Activity Data in B2B Marketing Analytics

Encourage users to add the Prospect and Activity Dataset to their lenses and dashboards to help them further understand prospect engagement. The dataset includes three years of engagement information tied to the default and custom prospect fields in the Pardot Prospect dataset. With this super dataset, you can unearth valuable connections without heavy report customization.

Datasets Have Moved to B2B Marketing Analytics 2.0

To improve performance and accessibility, B2B Marketing Analytics is now directly available in Salesforce. No managed package needed! Datasets, lenses, and dashboards that were created after February 11, 2019 continue to be updated until Summer ’20.

Reuse Content Across Campaign Emails with Snippets

Snippets give your users the power of content reuse. When your company promotes a series of webinars or other recurring events, your marketers probably have to create many similar promotional emails. With Snippets, they can create a robust block of text, images, and links and pull it into email or email templates. Next time they make changes, they only have to update the snippet, and the email and email templates inherit the changes.

Customize Marketing Content in the Object Manager

Pardot landing pages, marketing forms, and marketing links are now available in the Object Manager with customization options. You can view fields and relationships and edit page layouts, record pages, compact layouts, and search layouts. The Object Manager makes it easy to customize objects in Salesforce to meet your business needs.

Dig into Account Records with Engagement History Dashboards

Research suggests that people develop better insights when they manipulate their own data. Give your sales and marketing users the power of data exploration by adding Engagement History Dashboards to a tab on account records. Use account dashboards together with dashboards on campaign records to see a bigger picture of prospect engagement.

Find More Data Types in Engagement History

To bring the latest and greatest data to Engagement History, we added web page visits and automated email to your embedded dashboards. Automated email includes any email that is sent from Engagement Studio, an automation rule, or a completion action. The new data appears on your Engagement History dashboards by default.

Find Out Which Assets Resonate Best with Prospects

Einstein Behavior Scoring can now tell you which specific marketing assets typically have a role in sealing new deals. These new insights explain how a prospect engaged with an asset, such as the email Fall Promotion or the landing page Signup for New Classes. Einstein brings these data points together to determine which assets’ engagement activities are most likely to generate opportunities.

Group Prospect Reports by Behavior Score

Einstein Behavior Score is now available as a column on standard reports. Scores are already valuable on individual records, but grouping by behavior scores helps you identify and analyze your best leads, contacts, or accounts simultaneously. Create a list of your highest or lowest scoring prospects, and iterate on the marketing strategies that you use with each. Run the report regularly to see which methods resonate with each group.

Get Only the Einstein Lead or Behavior Scores You Need

Einstein scoring is a powerful tool, but certain scores can be more valuable to some types of users than others. New visibility settings can declutter your users’ record home pages. Decide which profiles need to see Behavior Scores, Lead Scores, or both, and configure those visibility settings on your lead record home pages.

Review Campaign Insights in a Custom Report

Wouldn’t it be great to see all the performance-driving factors that Einstein Campaign Insights digs up? Build a custom report from these valuable insights to find your own trends and themes in the data. For example, draw connections between a high-performing campaign and the industry or location of its members, or find out which marketing assets people engage with most.

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