Spring ’18 Release

October 17, 2017 – February 12, 2018


Engagement Studio Scheduled Email Dates

Users will be able to select a desired send date for email steps in an Engagement Studio program and have visibility into prospects who are not sent the email due to a scheduled date in the past.

Engagement Studio Scheduled Enhanced Testing

Better understand time in relation to Engagement Studio programs by selecting a Start Date when testing, being prompted with an optional date selector to determine the date the criteria was met when a trigger using Wait Up To is reached in a test flow, providing date visibility on the test log, and providing a program length and date overview when the test hits an End step.

SSL for Vanity Domains

As a B2B marketer, your website is likely one of the top tools in your marketing toolkit. That’s why it’s important to secure it via SSL (represented as HTTPS:// in your browser’s address bar). With SSL enabled, your site is less susceptible to injected content and man-in-the-middle attacks. Plus, major browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are increasingly penalizing non-SSL (Secure Socket Layer) domains. Content that is not served over SSL can be marked as a security risk in your browser and could also potentially be penalized by our favorite search engines.

Automation Rule & Engagement Studio Descriptions

Have you ever wondered why an Automation Rule in your Pardot account was initially created? Or needed a way to quickly understand what the call to action or goal of your Engagement Studio program was? With Automation Rule and Engagement Studio descriptions you can document the what, when and why of rules and programs, as well as provide context to all users across your account as to what the rules and programs are used to accomplish.

Now, marketers have the ability to search for a file name to insert an image rather than use the dropdown list with all the images in the account. A small but potentially mighty enhancement.

Pardot SOC-2 Type 2 Certified

For marketers in regulated industries, we’re excited to share Pardot has received a completed audit report from KPMG and Pardot is now SOC-2 Type 2 certified. This is an upgrade to Pardot’s previous SOC-2 Type 1 audit certification.

Pardot in Japanese

We are excited to announce that Pardot is now generally available in Japanese. We’re thrilled to provide a native language experience for our Japanese customers.


Engagement History (Beta)

With Pardot and Salesforce connected campaigns, your marketing department can see exactly how much engagement their campaigns are generating, right in Salesforce. Add the Engagement Metrics component, engagement history fields, and report charts to campaign page layouts to show marketers how much activity their emails and forms are generating. Add the Engagement History related list to leads and contacts to see how they have engaged.

Salesforce Engage Send On Behalf Of in Engage Campaigns

Engage Send-on-behalf-of, allows users to send an Engage email from Salesforce using the from address of the lead, contact, or account owner. This allows sales teams to use a consistent point of contact when communicating by personalizing emails from the most recognized contact. Sales reps can increase effectiveness of a campaign as recipients that receive an email from a known contact are more likely to open and engage with communications. This feature comes with support for Account Teams in Salesforce, so sales teams can work even closer together and owners can be assured that only trusted account team members send emails on their behalf.

Salesforce User Sync

Salesforce User Sync helps you better align and manage users in Pardot and Salesforce. By making Salesforce the system of record for synced users, you’ll save time on user management and security while eliminating user redundancy.

Matched Leads

Help your teams practice Account-Based Marketing (ABM) by using your Salesforce data in a new way. In Lightning App Builder, add the Matched Leads component to your business account pages to show leads matched to an account, with the best matches first. Sales teams can convert leads without leaving the account. By reducing redundant data, the Matched Leads component helps you work toward complying with data protection and privacy regulations.

Add Campaign Members Faster

Your marketing team can now quickly select, search for, and add leads, contacts, and person accounts to campaigns without leaving the campaign detail page. Previously, when users added leads, contacts, or person accounts, they were sent to the Leads or Contacts home pages, taking them away from the campaign details.

Use Path to Track Campaign Progress

Campaigns have a life cycle. Whether you’ve just sent the first email or reeling in those last few leads, Path helps your marketing team manage the stages of your campaigns. Use a path to coach your marketers how to move a campaign to the next stage.


Connected Campaigns (Beta)

Let your marketing department use the features of both Pardot and Salesforce with a single set of campaign records. When campaigns are connected, marketers can track campaign influence and view engagement history all on the same record in Salesforce.

Multi-Touch Attribution in B2B Marketing Analytics

With B2B Marketing Analytics, Marketers can visualize campaign ROI across the funnel to prioritize channels and programs that work best. With first, even, and last touch attribution offered in a new out-of-the-box dashboard, marketers gain insights into which channels drive awareness (at the top of the funnel), perform across all buying stages (across the funnel), and help drive deals to close (at the bottom of the funnel). If first, last, or even distribution models don’t fit your needs, you can also create a custom model using Customizable Campaign Influence in Salesforce. All influence models will be pulled into B2B Marketing Analytics for total Multi-Touch Attribution analysis.

Pardot Campaign Influence Attribution Models

With Campaign Influence Attribution Models, marketers can understand marketing effectiveness across all initiatives with the campaigns stored in Salesforce. This new release brings multi-touch models to Salesforce Dashboards, making this data easily accessible within your CRM. Attributing influence to one touchpoint isn’t always accurate, so enabling multiple attribution models makes it easier to track and measure campaign influence with greater accuracy. First Touch, Last Touch, and Even Distribution models are supported directly from the Opportunity records in Salesforce.

Report on Customizable Campaign Influence

With the new Campaigns with Influenced Opportunities (Customizable Campaign Influence) standard report type, your marketing team can quickly see the number of opportunities and amount of revenue each campaign has influenced. Marketers can stay on top of which campaigns are performing well and make adjustments as needed.

B2B Marketing Analytics Pardot Prospects Dataset

Included in this out of the box dataset are all prospect default and custom fields. Users will be able to report and analyze, segment and aggregate, and even visualize both default and custom Pardot prospect fields.

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