Spring ‘15 Release

October 22, 2014 – February 17, 2015

New BCC Email Compliance Functionality

Federal regulations require that certain types of institutions keep a record of all emails sent over the past five years, including the content of each email and every email recipient, in the event of an audit. Once the BCC Email Compliance functionality has been activated by a Pardot Admin, every email sent from Pardot will automatically BCC an email address selected by the Admin. This will ensure that clients can keep a record of all emails sent from Pardot and can quickly access all email communication, if needed.

Log In With Salesforce Credentials

We have a handy new feature ready for our Salesforce users that will allow you to link your Pardot account to your Salesforce account, helping to simplify your workflow. As long as you are logged into Salesforce (or can log into Salesforce), you can just click the “Log in with Salesforce” button on the Pardot login screen and go straight to your dashboard — no Pardot credentials required!

Page Action Wildcards

We have now added the ability to apply page actions to wildcard URLs, which will allow you to customize your page actions even further. Instead of going page by page, you can now apply page actions to an entire section of your site to do something like adjust a score.

Paid Search Updates

Pardot now supports all of the updates and improvements that Google made to Adwords, and even includes a new addition to the Paid Search report page.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Added to Email Rendering Previews

We have a quick but exciting update for those of you using our Email Rendering Preview Analysis! This week, we updated our previews to include iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, so that you can see how your emails will render on the latest mobile devices.

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