August ’19 Release

August 21, 2019

Pardot’s August ‘19 release delivers rules with multiple criteria for Engagement Studio, an automated prospect resubscribe option, and a new Import API. Plus, admins can upgrade their accounts from Pardot Merge Language (PML) to Handlebars Merge Language (HML) for better content personalization across Pardot and Salesforce.

Update Large Prospect Datasets More Easily with the Pardot Import API

Use the new Import API to insert or update large sets of prospect data when you don’t require synchronous completion responses or when batch upsert limitations are too restrictive.

Streamline How You Personalize Content with Handlebars Merge Language

Pardot is upgrading from Pardot Merge Language (PML) to Handlebars Merge Language (HML) to simplify how you create content. No more confusion over how to format merge tags—now marketing users can use HML everywhere they work in Salesforce. HML is an optional upgrade and can’t be undone, but we help you convert all your PML assets as you use them.

Let Prospects Opt Back In with an Automated Resubscribe Email

Make it easy for unsubscribed prospects to opt back in with a designated resubscribe email template. After you enable the feature in your account settings, we give unsubscribed prospects the option to resubscribe when they fill out a Pardot form. Apply our ready-made resubscribe layout to quickly create a template, or add the resubscribe merge field to any of your templates. The resubscribe prompt is available in English only.

Get More Insight from Engagement History

We added automated email types to the metrics shown in Engagement History components, related lists, and dashboards. The new email types include emails sent from Engagement Studio, completion actions, and automation rules. Now you get a better view of how prospects interact with your marketing content.

Identify Steps Quickly on Engagement Studio Canvas

To support the availability of automated email metrics in Engagement History, we added step naming to the Engagement Studio canvas. Each time you create an action, trigger, or rule of the same type on your engagement program, you see a default label, such as “Send Email (1)” or “Prospect Tag (4).” These labels can help you identify steps on the canvas and to attribute Engagement History metrics to engagement programs.

Define Engagement Studio Rules with Multiple Conditions

Instead of chaining multiple rule steps in Engagement Studio to target highly specific groups, you can now use complex rules to find the right people with just one step. Each time you create a rule, the Add Condition button appears. Use it to add up to four more conditions to create the segment you need.

Track Recorded Webinars with the GoToWebinar Connector

The GoToWebinar connector now supports Recorded webinars (formerly known as Simulated Live webinars) in addition to the Standard and Webcast webinars that you’re used to. The past 25 months of webinar data, including past Recorded webinars, is available on your Past Webinar list view.

Get Better-Targeted Vanity URLs with Multiple Tracker Domain Support

Now you can segment vanity URLs by your brands, products, and promotions. We added support for multiple tracker domains so that your users can choose the best vanity URL for your Pardot marketing assets.

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