April ’19 Release

April 22, 2019

Pardot’s April ’19 release delivers two-factor authentication for Pardot-only users, lets users switch between business units, and lets admins choose a default template for Engage Campaigns.

Make Pardot Credentials More Secure
To make Pardot credentials more secure, Pardot admins can require Pardot-only users to set up two-factor authentication. After an admin enables the feature, users are prompted to set up two-factor authentication the next time they log in to Pardot. On-screen help guides users through the process.

Switch Between Pardot Business Units
No more duplicating users so that they can manage multiple business units. Users can now exist in more than one business unit, and they can switch between accounts with ease from the Pardot Lightning app.

Send Branded Emails Every Time with Default Templates for Salesforce Engage
Make sure that Engage users send professional-looking emails every time. When you set a branded template as the default, it automatically loads in the editor when an Engage user creates an email in Salesforce.

Sync Behavior for Opted-In Prospects Is Changing
The sync behavior for the Salesforce-Pardot connector’s Overwrite Prospect Opted Out field setting has changed. Now when Do Not Email is selected in Pardot after an opted-in prospect is first synced with Salesforce, the field remains selected for future syncs. Previously, the field was deselected to match the opt-in status.