Dive into the Pardot Summer ’19 Release

It’s officially summertime and the livin’ is easy ? And for B2B marketers, we’re making it easier than ever to find and nurture leads, close more deals, and maximize ROI with Pardot’s newest product innovations!

Check out our latest highlights to learn how we’re bringing together sales and marketing teams — all on the world’s #1 CRM.

Lightning Platform

Engagement History (Account Related List)

One of the biggest benefits Pardot customers receive when connecting Pardot and Salesforce campaigns is the ability to see exactly how much engagement your campaigns are generating where and when you need it, right in Salesforce.

With Engagement History, customers can search for campaigns and marketing assets in Salesforce and view engagement performance across reports, accounts (NEW), leads, contacts, or person accounts. This allows sales reps to see how prospects and customers have ben interacting with your marketing assets. No more exporting Pardot data to share reports — users can do everything directly within Salesforce.


Salesforce Engage Default Templates
Engage users can now define a default template, ensuring that the moment an Engage user starts crafting an email, they are right on brand. Additionally, default templates and locked regions allow admins to enforce and maintain that certain elements (i.e. footers containing legal compliance info, company logos, or unsubscribe links) are included in every Engage email.


Engagement History Dashboard
Surfacing intelligent insights in the right places is key to customer success and efficiency in making data driven decisions. Marketing users need to understand that their campaign efforts are creating engagement, while sales reps needs to understand who is engaging to help identify strong leads.

Engagement History Dashboards now allow all users across both marketing and sales to see the same data, and to use this data to inform decisions. Rather than exploring data in a separate app, teams will be able to glean insights directly from embedded analytics dashboards on Salesforce pages

With our first dashboard built for the Campaign record, users are now able to understand trends and patterns in campaign engagement, and details about the who, what, when, where, why, and how behind the engagement.


Pardot Einstein Behavior Score
Imagine a world where AI could help you nurture your prospects more effectively. That imagination has become a reality thanks to Pardot Einstein! With the Summer ‘19 release, you will now be able to use Einstein Behavior Scores as criteria to fuel your Process Builder and Workflow Rule automations in Salesforce — and bring the power of Einstein’s predictive AI-powered scores into Pardot Engagement Studio.

Pardot Einstein Campaign Insights (GA)
We are also happy to announce that Pardot Einstein Campaign Insights are now generally available and we made it better! In addition to prospect details and list email engagement, you can now find insights for other marketing assets like marketing forms and landing pages. With these new asset types we reveal a more complete view of the customer journey.

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