Introducing Engage Team Reports for Sales and Marketing Managers, and Preview Variable Tags

We?re excited to announce the highly-requested Engage Team Reports. Engage Team Reports will allow sales managers, marketers, and admins to have insight into the effectiveness of Engage emails, usage and impact for their teams, as well as individual reps. They can then track which templates and campaigns are driving the best results.

Available in both Lighting and Classic versions of Salesforce, Engage Team Reports users will be able to drill into and analyze their data to track the performance of their sales teams? communications.

Engage Team reports allows you to analyze data from the emails your reps send from Engage for Gmail, Engage for Outlook (this is a pilot feature) and via Engage Campaigns.

From there, you can monitor the success of campaigns with in-depth email analytics from within Salesforce. Track metrics like the overall send, open, click, unsubscribe, and bounce rates are for individual emails, and which Engage sends and Pardot templates are driving the most opens and clicks.