Connect to Prospects Even Faster with Updated Engage Alerts

New Look for Engage Alerts

We are excited to announce an updated experience for our Engage Alerts (within Salesforce and desktop alerts). With this new enhancement sales reps can connect to customers and prospects even faster than before. Reps can now view all of their latest alerts at once with a new, more intuitive interface for Engage Alerts. They can customize their alerts into side-by-side columns and drill into each alert to instantly view prospect score and engagement history in a more powerfully simple interface. This added flexibility makes it even easier for sales to be first, relevant, and productive.

Engage Alerts Refresh

This new enhancement allows Engage Alerts to be more consistent with the recent updates to Engage Campaigns and Reports, and to ensure that the latest alerts are always visible to users. The updates are supported in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. Three major changes that this new enhancement highlights are:

Sliders are now called Columns, engagement activity cards are now displayed vertically, and the latest alerts will appear at the top of each column:

For more on Engage Alerts, be sure to check out our Knowledge Base articles: Using Engage Alerts and Installing Engage Alerts Desktop.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on these new enhancements, and as always, you can continue to share your feedback on our Idea Exchange here.

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