7 B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

As B2B marketers, we know that our buyers’ needs are ever-evolving, but it’s not just our buyers that are changing. As technology adds new options and capabilities, marketer’s roles are also changing, from how we work with our sales teams to how we build our strategies. Instead of thinking of a marketing strategy as a…

25 Marketing Automation Tips Straight from Sales

Ever wonder how your sales team can benefit from a marketing automation tool? At Pardot, we use marketing automation every day, and not just on our marketing team. Our sales reps have had great success using automation during the selling process — and they’re here to offer a few tips that can help you find…

Eight Ways Pardot Can Unlock Salesforce CRM

Pardot and Salesforce are complementary tools that really reach their full potential when paired together. When integrated with Salesforce, Pardot can unlock much of the key functionality that top-performing sales and marketing teams now rely on, helping to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, provide greater insight into campaign performance, jumpstart lead generation efforts, and positively impact ROI. In this white paper, you’ll learn:

Five Ways Small Businesses Are Powering Growth With Marketing Automation

B2B small businesses that achieve the highest growth in revenue are 7x more likely than the average B2B small businesses to adopt marketing automation technology (Gleanster). Marketing automation is a game changer for small businesses working with small marketing and sales teams — and Pardot clients are a testament to that fact. Learn how five…

Personalization with Automation: The Complete Guide

According to the State of Marketing Automation 2014, 66% of marketers reported that enhanced targeting and personalization were top benefits of marketing automation. Learn how you can use marketing automation to create a more personalized, one-to-one sales experience for each buyer in this white paper, which will cover:

20 Tips for the Customer-Centric Marketer

Having a customer-centric marketing strategy is key to business success. By listening to and anticipating your buyers’ needs, you can improve your close rates, increase your retention rates, and positively impact the overall customer experience. Take a look at this white paper to get more information on:

6 Keys to Sales and Marketing Alignment

If your sales and marketing teams are constantly at each other’s throats, it might be time to consider a solution that can help automate lead qualification and assignment, take the tedium out of lead nurturing, and improve marketing accountability with accurate ROI reporting. Marketing automation can do all of this and more — meaning that your marketing team can focus on passing along the right leads, and your sales team can focus on closing deals. This white paper will discuss:

How Automation Works: A Visual Guide

Marketing automation is a powerful tool for marketers and sales alike. However, with so much functionality and technology powering automation, it can be a little intimidating. This guide will cover major features and workflows of automation in helpful, easy-to-understand visuals. Explanations include: