Nucleus Research: VMware + Salesforce Case Study

VMware, a leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, has leveraged digital marketing for years, but realized that to sustain continued growth, they needed to modernize their sales and marketing strategy. See why VMware deployed Salesforce Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and Sales Cloud to power their new B2B marketing strategy and how they leverage the…

Trailblazers in B2B Marketing

What are Trailblazers in B2B Marketing doing that’s driving the most growth for their businesses? How are they setting up teams that are implementing these innovative new strategies and revolutionizing customer experiences? And what are we most excited about here at Salesforce for the coming year and the future of B2B Marketing? In Pardot’s first…

B2B Marketing Survival Tips

It’s a jungle out there. In order to keep up with today’s highly-educated buyers, modern marketing has gone multi-channel. With so many opportunities to connect with clients and prospects, it’s easy for your messages to get lost in the ‘noise’ of the hundreds of other communications that bombard prospects. While the fundamental parts of a…

The Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing, also called drip marketing, is one of the most powerful and sought-after features of a marketing automation system. With the ability to drive revenue from a database of leads that you’ve already built — with minimal investment on the part of sales and marketing — lead nurturing has the potential to transform the way you do business. Want to learn more? Take a look at our Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing, which includes:

Personalization with Automation: The Complete Guide

According to the State of Marketing Automation 2014, 66% of marketers reported that enhanced targeting and personalization were top benefits of marketing automation. Learn how you can use marketing automation to create a more personalized, one-to-one sales experience for each buyer in this white paper, which will cover:

The Complete Guide to Automated Lead Scoring & Grading

With today’s tracking tools and marketing technology, cramming as many leads into the sales funnel as possible and hoping for the best is no longer a viable approach to doing business. Luckily, marketing automation provides an effective alternative in the form of automated lead scoring and grading. This white paper will walk you through the basics: what lead scoring and grading is,
how it works, and how it can help you. You’ll learn how to:

Lead Nurturing Handbook

With worksheets, checklists, and tip sheets, this handbook has everything you need to jump start your lead nurturing efforts or fine tune the strategies you already have in place.