The Marketing Automation Value Guide

If you’re a marketer entrenched in today’s crowded digital landscape, you’ve probably heard at least a little bit about the benefits of marketing automation: how it can shorten sales cycles, align sales and marketing efforts, and help businesses get the most value out of their CRM. But when it comes to actually purchasing a solution, you need a little more information in order to decide if it’s the right investment. Plus, you need to bring all of the relevant parties up to speed.

This guide is designed to do just that: help you and your team understand the full scope of how marketing automation can benefit your business by examining some crucial questions, such as:

  • How will this solution impact my business’ bottom line?
  • How will it impact productivity across all departments?
  • What results can I expect to see and when?
  • How does the Salesforce Pardot technology work?

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