Integrated Marketing and Sales for Banking

For banks and wealth management firms around the world, emerging industry trends and changing consumer behavior are forcing a new approach to growth. Banks must find more effective channels for brand awareness, employ stronger value propositions, and stake a unique claim in what many view as a commoditized industry.

Alignment between marketing and the front line bankers and wealth managers in an organization is critical to success, but these teams will only work well together when they’re pursuing the same goals and have been empowered with the same actionable data. Learn how marketing automation can help bridge the gap between marketing and sales by working with your CRM to create a single source of truth for your organization.

This guide will cover:

  • Differences in the departmental focus, primary goals, and key features of each system
  • The marketing benefits of integrating marketing automation system with your CRM, including lead qualification, lead management, and more targeted messaging
  • The sales benefits of integration, including behavioral tracking, lead nurturing, and more
  • An overview of how to plan for a successful implementation

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