High-Value Marketing: Connecting Customers Through Technology, Analytics, and Collaboration

10 Stats to Support a Case for Marketing Automation for SMBsThe pace at which new technology has changed the marketing industry has made it necessary to expand marketers’ skill sets to encompass the collection, management and tracking of an ever increasing amount of data. B2B marketers, in particular, are faced with a new series of challenges in creating a team with the skills and tools to manage the influx of customer data that powers a buyer-focused sales cycle.

In exclusive research carried out by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services, we dig into these challenges to learn the importance of analytics and automation to the sales cycle and the increasing need for greater alignment between marketing and sales teams in order to better meet customers needs.

In this new research report, you’ll learn:

  • What separates Advanced Marketers from the pack, plus the tools and techniques they use to drive success
  • How increasing alignment between sales and marketing teams can create a streamlined customer experience and differentiate your brand
  • Where you should focus in order to address the changing demands of today’s buyers
  • The new skill sets marketers must develop or hire for to manage today’s technologies and cultivate data-driven relationships

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