B2B Marketing Trailblazer Journal

B2B Marketing Trailblazer JournalWhen it comes to B2B marketing, innovation is the new black, but we don’t often celebrate the growing creativity of B2B marketers. From web design to creative campaigns, B2B marketers are inspiring one another with amazing inventions, innovations and ideas.

Here, we’ll explore the latest trends in B2B marketing and hear how practitioners are putting them into action. We highlight some of the marketing mavericks that are blazing a trail, from B2B marketing experts pioneering new ways to think about your customers to B2B businesses rethinking the customer’s path through the buying cycle.

Go behind the scenes with your fellow B2B marketers and learn:

  • How empathy can strengthen your relationships with customers
  • How to combine strong lead generation with pleasing aesthetics in the B2B website lookbook
  • Inside tips and tricks on buyer behavior and the perfect email follow-up
  • How one B2B marketing team transformed their marketing program into a lead-generation machine

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