A Day in the Life of a Sales MVP

A Day in the Life of a Sales MVPThe key to sales success is simple: be first, be relevant, and be productive — with each and every prospect.

Sound impossible? Not anymore. In fact, today’s buyers expect a personalized and efficient purchase experience, and the true sales MVPs know how to deliver it without breaking a sweat: all it takes is a little support from their marketing team and the right tools to get the job done.

This free e-book takes a look at one such MVP: a mid-market sales rep named Anna, who mastered the art of quota crushing with a little help from her marketing sidekick, James. You’ll walk through Anna’s daily workflow to see firsthand how Salesforce Engage enables her to:

  • be faster than the competition when responding to inquiries
  • tailor every conversation to the needs and interests of her prospects
  • close more deals, faster for extraordinary revenue results

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