Work Together, Win Together: Sales and Marketing Alignment with Pardot

Imagine this: your B2B marketing and sales teams are working together, winning together, and selling more effectively than ever. Marketing sets sales up for the win and sales swiftly closes each deal with ease. Together, you step into each deal as the formidable opponent to beat, a force to be reckoned with.

Sounds like a great place to be, right? Great news: the technology to unite these two teams has arrived. Meet Pardot, B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce.

Join us as Phil Simpson, Pardot Sales Manager, and Pardot client, Dustin Tattoli, Digital Marketing Specialist-Integrated Project Management Company, Inc., as they give us an inside look at how Pardot can help align your marketing and sales teams by:

– Providing the insight sales needs to lead the conversation
– Allowing marketing to effortlessly nurture leads to a sales-ready state
– Identifying target buyers and key stakeholders, and more.