Tackling the 3 Greatest Threats to a Sales and Marketing Super Team

To win in today’s complex, noisy selling environment, you need marketing and sales to rally around the same goal: engaging customers. While it seems simple, more often than not these teams aren’t playing by the same rules. Join us as we dive into how you can referee the following common marketing and sales scuffles:

– Countless dead-end calls: your sales reps complain that all the leads sent over by marketing are a waste of their time
– Operating in the dark: marketing doesn’t know what happens to their leads, and sales doesn’t know where to start their conversations — how can either expect to deliver a personalized customer experience?
– Reps gone rogue: your marketing team is concerned about the content of messages that sales is sending to prospects

Join us as Bob Kelly, Founder & Chairman – The Sales Management Association, and Katie Doyle, Product Marketing Director – Pardot, walk through how to address these scenarios and eliminate common roadblocks on the path to becoming a sales and marketing super team.