The Secrets to Effective Lead Nurturing in Life Sciences

An inbound marketing ecosystem can drive remarkable results. When buying cycles are long and complex, as they often are in the life sciences, one of the most powerful results will be proper management of the customer journey.

Many life science organizations aren’t aware of the most effective ways to nurture their leads through to a sale. They rely on individual salespeople to educate prospects, instead of employing a data-driven, effective lead nurturing program run by marketing. This is a misuse of the sales team time. Sales should focus on closing leads that have already been qualified by marketing, not manually nurturing prospects that are not yet ready to buy. This results in intermittent, inconsistent nurturing efforts which damages your relationship with your prospects.

In this webinar, David Chapin, author of the book Making the Complex Compelling—Creating High Performance Marketing in the Life Sciences will review the 15 reasons you need to be nurturing your Life Science prospects and examine the structural shifts that are affecting lead nurturing. After this brief introduction, David will dissect lead nurturing by examining the eight activities that comprise a proper lead nurturing program, and reveal the secrets to success in each.