The Secrets to Effective Lead Nurturing in Life Sciences, Part 2

With long buying cycles in the Life Sciences industry, a streamlined customer journey can produce powerful results. These results occur when prospects are nurtured with informative material guiding them through the most complex sales cycles. Lead nurturing can help to improve campaigns through delivering the right information to the right leads at the right time, while steadily moving leads towards a purchasing decision. Likewise, the use of a lifecycle focused or data-driven lead nurturing strategy is a powerful way to fill your sales teams’ pipeline and still provide the personalized service your customers need. Effectively implementing lead nurturing in Life Sciences isn’t a small feat, but can be achieved with the right tactics in place.

Join us and David Chapin, author of the book Making the Complex Compelling—Creating High Performance Marketing in the Life Sciences, as he reviews eight elements for a successful lead nurturing system in this sequel webinar.