Reimagine B2B Marketing with Pardot

What if you could reimagine your marketing strategy in 2018?

Marketing has changed significantly in the last few years. From qualifying leads with scoring and grading to using hyper-targeted campaigns and dynamic content, marketers are always striving to keep up with the latest trends. Today?s marketers are looking for ways to incorporate these best practices into their marketing and sales strategies in order to reach their audience and deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Join us and our Trailblazers in B2B Marketing at VMWare as we share how they?ve reimagined their B2B marketing strategy with the power of Pardot. We will showcase some of the amazing marketing programs VMWare has created with Pardot and share stories on how they reinvented a lead management solution in 90 days.

Learn how VMWare was able to:

  • Create targeted engagements for new audiences
  • Slice and dice email and campaign statistics
  • Improve sales and marketing alignment
  • Develop a single source of truth between Sales Cloud and Pardot

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