Planning Lead Generation Marketing Programs

Description: Planning B2B lead generation marketing programs that deliver better results is a continually evolving challenge. It requires a focus on prioritizing your objectives, understanding your audiences, choosing the right tactics and ongoing performance improvement. Join us for this practical “how to” review of planning B2B lead generation marketing programs that attract, acquire, nurture and qualify more prospects.

“Planning B2B Lead Generation Marketing Programs” looks at how to:

  • Identify and prioritize your lead generation marketing program objectives
  • Understand your audience and target their needs and pains
  • Choose the most effective programs for your marketing plan”
  • Align your metrics with your objectives

This practical webinar runs 35 minutes, with an additional 20 minutes for questions and answers. Every participant will receive a “Planning Lead Generation Marketing Programs” cheat-sheet to help your own plan development.

Your Speaker:
Scott Armstrong, Co-Founder and Partner – Brainrider
Scott is a founding partner of Brainrider, the first marketing services provider in North America to take a customer-centric approach to planning and executing marketing content, websites, and programs. Brainrider works with clients in knowledge-based markets including software, professional services, and non-commoditized product sales to turn each company’s internal subject matter expertise into customer engagement and revenue generation opportunities.