Grow Pipeline at the Right Time with the Right Leads

Description: Every month, marketers scramble to hit their pipeline targets and deliver a big shiny list of leads to the sales team. But there’s often a gap between what marketing and sales define as a “good lead.” Plus, when leads get passed to sales, they might not even have the tools to convert them to a sale.
What if you could close that gap? How much more effective could you be if your sales teams were always targeting the right leads, at the right time? Every time.

Join us for a live webcast with pipeline growth experts: Jay Gaines, VP and Group Director of Demand at SiriusDecisions, and Adam Blitzer, GM of Pardot. This live discussion will cover how to:

– Align marketing and sales better
– Increase pipeline quality
– Nurture leads in a whole new way
– Close bigger deals

Register now for the webcast and learn how to grow pipeline like never before.

Your speakers:
ADAM BLITZER, General Manager – Pardot, a salesforce.com company
JAY GAINES, VP and Group Director of Demand – SiriusDecisions