Discover the Power of Salesforce Engagement Studio: Build. Visualize. Improve.

Building lasting relationships with customers requires consistent, personalized, and relevant engagement. Pardot is thrilled to unleash Engagement Studio, the new solution that allows you to design, test, and measure engagement programs that adapt to buyer behavior using more than 100 triggers.

Join us as Kyle Coleman, Sr. Product Manager at Salesforce Pardot, gives an in-depth look at the power and versatility of Engagement Studio. She will explore:

– how Engagement Studio provides ease of use for complex campaign builds
– how data visualization affords marketers a whole new level of confidence through logic testing and program health reporting
– how marketers can use the Engagement Studio canvas insights to improve and adapt quickly for even better programs and campaigns

You’ll also hear from an early user of Engagement Studio on how this new engine is changing the way they build their B2B marketing programs, allowing them to create complex, meaningful customer experiences with ease!