How to Build Your B2B Marketing Dashboard

B2B marketers are looking for ways to maximize ROI, but need more than just data. They need actionable insights. However, gaining insights into what works and improving marketing effectiveness has become a challenge. With B2B Marketing Analytics, both marketing and sales can easily view their key metrics in one place, while diagnosing problems and making adjustments to marketing campaigns quickly.

Join us for an interactive, audience-led webinar demonstrating B2B Marketing Analytics in action! In this session, attendees will help us choose the metrics we want to analyze as our expert B2B Marketing Analytics guru, Ryan Wilkins, Solutions Engineer, Salesforce builds out two customized dashboards in real-time. Based on your input, we will showcase how to build, customize, and share dashboards to improve marketing campaign performance and effectiveness.

Learn how to create customizable dashboards that can:

  • provide an end-to-end view of marketing pipeline
  • measure marketing?s impact on sales revenue
  • identify highly, engaged top-tier accounts
  • identify top performing campaigns

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