How to Effectively Connect Sales to Prospects

The B2B buying experience doesn’t end with marketing. Once marketing teams have successfully engaged prospects with the right information, sales needs every insight they can get their hands on to have an edge against competitors. Sales teams are looking for ease and efficiency when making connections with prospects, and are constantly trying to keep the conversation relevant to their buying needs. When sales has the right marketing insights and engagement data, they can sell smarter, connect faster, and win each time.

Join us as Jacqui Precious, Pardot Specialist, Salesforce explores how sales reps can connect to prospects in a faster with the right message at the right time way to create a smooth, connected customer experience across marketing and sales.

Learn how to:

  • Track engagement and proactively reach out the prospects
  • Tailor prospects interactions based on buying needs
  • Focus on high-priority ready-to-buy leads