Case Study: How a Manufacturing Company Increased Retention Rates with Pardot

One of the most powerful things you can do for your business is uniting your sales and marketing teams because of the impact it has on the most important aspect of it: your customers. In a world where differentiating your business and winning and retaining customers starts and ends with the customer experience, bridging the gap between marketing and sales is critical, and technology is the first step.

Using Pardot, Avalon Shutters was able to empower their operations team and drive greater alignment between their sales and marketing to create a better customer journey. Join Jack Corrao, Managing Director, Corrao Group and Doreen Graybill, Sales Development Manager, Avalon Shutters to see how Avalon Shutters was able to increase engagement and power their customer experience with Pardot.

Learn how Avalon Shutters used Pardot to:

  • Drive revenue by uniting the goals of the marketing and sales teams
  • Utilized Pardot as more than a Marketing Automation Platform
  • Accelerated customer engagement and retention to increase ROI