B2B Marketing in 2016 – New Roles and Trends You Need to Know About

Purpose, value, trust – these words that are the foundation of the new world of B2B marketing. Incredibly telling, they provide critical clues to the 2016 buyer. Your buyer’s expectations, discovery paths, and mindset are all quite different from just a few years ago. But, how and why are they different?

Unlocking these mysteries holds the key to discovering our new roles as marketers, success in marketing and sales, pipeline, lifecycle for 2016 and beyond. Join Mathew Sweezey, Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce, as he shares with us valuable information on the ever-evolving B2B marketing world. You will:

– Explore how today’s buyer is different, and why identifying these differences is crucial to a B2B marketer’s success
– Discover how and why a CMO’s understanding of the new B2B marketing landscape and technology can spell success (or otherwise) for both marketing teams and buyers
– Learn why the future of demand is undeniably now the new “middle” and how this effort is fueling new marketing roles and relationships

Fair Warning: Be prepared to be inspired!