3 Steps to High-Quality Leads with Shareable Content

Prospects consume content across a myriad of platforms when they’re making purchasing decisions. B2B marketers looking to get in front of those prospects need a wider variety of content across more channels than ever before in order to build trust and credibility. Your average B2B marketer is leveraging 7 different platforms to get their content in front of decision-ready buyers, but how do they juggle it all? Having a strong content marketing strategy makes all the difference between finding more high-quality leads or none at all.
Join us as we walk through 3 simple steps to developing a top-notch content marketing strategy that will help you capture and convert high-quality leads.
Learn how to:

  • Generate relevant and effective content based on buyers’ needs.
  • Map content to the appropriate stage of the buying cycle.
  • Capture engagement using out-of-the-box reporting.