3 Keys to Measuring Marketing and Sales Success with Salesforce and Pardot

Powerful reporting and actionable insights are key to optimizing your funnel, but 48% of B2B marketers feel they lack the analytics and reporting skills to measure their return on investment, and 33% aren’t measuring ROI at all (Omobono).

Fortunately, B2B marketers can use the power of Pardot + Salesforce to easily understand which campaigns, content, and channels truly impact ROI. Join Thomas Krawczyk, Solutions Engineer at Salesforce Pardot, for a 40-minute webinar to learn more about:

– how Salesforce and Pardot work together to illuminate the marketing activities that are closing deals
– which stage of the sales cycle your prospects are in — and where there are bottlenecks in your funnel
– how to use data to optimize and forecast for better results