Understanding the Pardot and Salesforce Sync

Pardot and Salesforce integrate seamlessly to help marketers manage prospects and customers at every stage of the customer journey. This guide reviews how the integration works behind the scenes to power your marketing automation. Read on to discover how we sync data, how to identify and resolve sync errors, and how to optimize your experience….

Email Deliverability Guide

If you’ve ever wondered what happens behind the scenes whenever a Pardot email is sent, this guide is for you. The Email Deliverability Guide will address: An overview of email sending in Pardot Deliverability best practices Common Troubleshooting questions Download

Pardot and Advertising Studio Integration Recommendations

Looking to optimize your cross-channel marketing with email and ads? Use the power of Sales Cloud to connect Pardot and Advertising Studio for a unified strategy across platforms. Refer to our Pardot and Advertising Studio Integration recommendations to: Review integration requirements and use cases Create custom fields and reports in Sales Cloud Modify automations in…

B2B Marketing Analytics Widget Glossary

B2B Marketing Analytics gives marketers the opportunity to manipulate their data in numerous ways. Creating a dashboard is made simple with the use of widgets–these are dashboard building blocks–but what is the function of each widget and when would you use it? This widget glossary outlines: What each widget does Use cases for each Download

Configuring Pardot Elements for Salesforce Lightning Experience

Are you a Pardot user who is in the process of switching to Lightning Experience? Configuring Pardot elements for Salesforce Lightning Experience is made easy with this simple, step-by-step guide. Learn how to: Place Pardot Fields and Buttons on your Page Layouts Install Pardot Lightning Components Engagement History Matched Leads Download

Account-Based Marketing Guide

Have you heard of Account-Based Marketing but aren’t sure what it is? Do you think ABM is right for your organization, but aren’t sure where to start? Refer to our Account-Based Marketing Guide to: Get foundation knowledge about ABM Familiarize yourself with the tools and resources that you will need to succeed Understand what you…

Creating Layout Templates

Pardot layout templates are used to format custom forms and landing pages. Think of them as reusable blocks of code that give your marketing assets a defined structure and style. Layout templates are a great solution if you want to enhance your forms and landing pages with styling options that are not available using default…

Pardot Resource Playbook

Looking for recommendations on how to achieve your marketing automation goals, but not sure where to start? The Pardot Resource Playbook will give you our best-of-the-best resources for top use cases: Streamline the lead management process Generate high-quality leads Build an effective email marketing strategy Create seamless alignment with sales Develop insightful ROI reporting models…