Understanding the Pardot and Salesforce Sync

Pardot and Salesforce integrate seamlessly to help marketers manage prospects and customers at every stage of the customer journey. This guide reviews how the integration works behind the scenes to power your marketing automation. Read on to discover how we sync data, how to identify and resolve sync errors, and how to optimize your experience….

Connected Campaigns Implementation Guide

Introducing connected campaigns! If you have ever wanted to quickly and easily connect your Pardot campaigns with Salesforce campaigns, you finally can. With this functionality, you can: Improve campaign reporting Streamline campaign management Build a 1:1 relationship between Salesforce and Pardot campaigns Learn more about this great new functionality in our Frequently Asked Questions guide….

Campaign Influence Implementation Guide

Pardot Campaign Influence Attribution Models provide marketers with easy to use, out-of-the-box attribution models that leverage Salesforce campaigns for advanced ROI reporting. This downloadable PDF addresses common questions about these models, including: What are Pardot Campaign Influence Attribution Models, and why should I use them? Who will have access to this feature? What different models…

Salesforce for the Pardot Administrator

It’s important for Pardot administrators to have a working knowledge of Salesforce in order to make the most of the integration. This guide will help you: Understand Salesforce basics as they relate to Pardot Navigate Salesforce to locate your Pardot data Explore Salesforce functionality that supports your B2B marketing goals Collaborate on next steps with…

Pardot for the Salesforce Administrator

This guide helps Salesforce administrators understand what your Pardot administrator may need from you, and how your Pardot and Salesforce instances work together to benefit both sales and marketing. We’ll cover: What Salesforce administrators need to know to support your Pardot administrator The Pardot and Salesforce integration How the Pardot-Salesforce sync works for various fields…

Syncing Prospect Field Values with Salesforce

Your record is created, so now what happens? This interactive PDF provides a simple syncing logic that follows what happens after a record is created and once the records in Pardot and Salesforce are linked together. Download