Creating Layout Templates

Pardot layout templates are used to format custom forms and landing pages. Think of them as reusable blocks of code that give your marketing assets a defined structure and style. Layout templates are a great solution if you want to enhance your forms and landing pages with styling options that are not available using default…

Pardot Resource Playbook

Looking for recommendations on how to achieve your marketing automation goals, but not sure where to start? The Pardot Resource Playbook will give you our best-of-the-best resources for top use cases: Streamline the lead management process Generate high-quality leads Build an effective email marketing strategy Create seamless alignment with sales Develop insightful ROI reporting models…

Dynamic Content

In this elearning module, you will learn how leverage Dynamic Content to automatically personalize Pardot forms, landing pages, emails and websites for each prospects.

Hosting Content Files

In this elearning module, you will learn how to upload and access hosted content in Pardot.