Pardot User Roles

User roles in Pardot allow you to control access to the product for individual users. Pardot comes with four default user roles: Administrator, Marketing, Sales Manager and Sales.

  • The Administrator role is for “power users.” Users assigned this role can control broad account settings found within the Admin Module as well as campaign and prospect management functionality within the Marketing and Prospect modules. They can also view, edit, delete and import users.
  • The Marketing role is for users working primarily in the Marketing and Prospect Modules. They can manage prospects and create new lists, forms, landing pages, email templates and send list emails.
  • The Sales Manager role can view all prospects and visitors and associated reports. They do not, however, have any marketing functionality. Sales Managers may send individual emails but not list emails.
  • The Sales role has the simplest interface view in Pardot. Sales can view, edit and export prospects assigned to them only. Additionally, they can send individual emails to prospects, but not list emails.

Custom user roles are available with Ultimate and as an add-on to Pro. Once your user roles are in place, you will want to apply them, either during user setup or import. For more detailed information on default user role abilities and user role assignment, check out the following articles on Pardot’s Knowledge Base: Users OverviewImporting Users, and What Roles Should I Select for My Users?.

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