Lead Qualification: Scoring Categories

Multiple scoring categories (Pro and Ultimate Editions) allow you to score a prospect on more than one product or lines of business. So while you still have an overall prospect score, you can have additional scores for your prospect based on their engagement with certain assets or groups of assets.

Automation Rules can be triggered off of Scoring Category scores, and you can set up rules, page actions or completion actions to add to or subtract from a Scoring Category score. In addition, all prospect scores can sync to Salesforce custom objects, so the full power of custom objects in Salesforce is available for Scoring Categories, including reporting, workflows, triggers, and more.

The simplest way to begin using scoring categories is by assigning a category to a particular folder of assets. When a prospect engages with an asset within the assigned folder or its subfolders, Pardot will create an additional prospect score for that scoring category while at the same time updating the prospect’s overall score. You can also adjust category scores with completion or page actions. One thing to note: You can assign a Scoring Category to multiple folders, but a folder can only have one Scoring Category.

Before you create your first scoring category, you’ll want to make sure your assets are organized in folders based on how you want to score the prospect.

For information on how to setup and view Scoring Categories in Salesforce click here.

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