Email Deliverability

In this elearning module, you will learn how to generate and verify Domainkeys in Pardot, set these keys up in three popular host providers and which best practices to employ in order to maximize email deliverability. This training module is structured into nine topics. Each topic will cover a specific aspect of email deliverability.

After completion, you will be able to define deliverability, blacklist and whilelist, generate and verify DNS keys in Pardot and set up the generated DNS keys with various hosting providers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define email deliverability
  • Summarize how email deliverability affects email sending
  • Delineate Pardot’s role in maintaining email deliverability standards
  • Generate and verify Domainkeys in Pardot
  • Set up the generated Domainkeys with host providers
  • Utilize email best practices
  • Differentiate between hard and soft bounces
  • Define blacklisting
  • Utilize troubleshooting techniques

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