Pardot is fully committed to its clients and offers support through advanced expertise and industry best practices. Our support team is available by email during standard business hours.

Quick Start Onboarding Package

The Quick Start Onboarding Package is designed to foster a relationship between our new customers and a dedicated Pardot implementation manager. As a new customer, you will have up to 60 days to configure the Pardot system to your specifications, launch campaigns and evaluate your campaign results. Upon completion of the program, you’ll have a live production system, a deep understanding of key marketing automation concepts and tools, and weekly instructor led trainings on all Pardot features.

Knowledge Base

We offer a comprehensive knowledge base to help you get started on your own. This is the easiest place for you to find answers to technical questions about Prospect Insight.

Contact Our Solutions Team

Our Support Team is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday (ending Friday at 8pm EST). We’re available through the Support Portal.

Our Support Process

  • In order to ensure that our clients’ cases get immediate attention, all cases begin with a ticket submission via the Pardot Knowledge Base (click the “Contact Support” button on the right).
  • A case will be created and the case will be distributed to a team of support members at our headquarters. This ensures that the case will be handled by the next available team member, so that there is a fast response.
  • The case will be reviewed by a member of the support team and assigned out as quickly as possible.
  • Upon review, the case will be assigned a priority ranging from user problem to “Blocker” issues (e.g. problems that impact business continuity).
  • The Pardot Solutions team will contact the customer via phone or email to review the issue. They may leverage a web meeting to better understand an issue or find a solution.
  • Should engineering support be required, a software engineer will be engaged immediately.
  • Upon resolution, our customer will receive an email, confirming that the issue is resolved and requesting to close the case.