Salesforce Engage Features
Engage Campaigns

Deliver the right message, every time with a library of marketing-approved templates and nurture tracks.

Engage Reports

Uncover trends that close deals faster. Interactive dashboards allow reps to monitor and control their campaign success.

Engage for Gmail and Outlook

Send one-to-one emails from your chosen email interface, while automatically logging interactions in Pardot and Salesforce.

Engage Alerts

Understand every interaction so you can sell smarter. View prospect engagement in real-time and know exactly when to reach out.

Engage for Salesforce Mobile

Sell from anywhere - in the office or on the road. Respond at the moment of engagement, and add leads to nurture campaigns from your mobile device.

Be First

  • Catch prospects at the moment of engagement by acting on real-time alerts.
  • Access a live and customizable feed of prospect activity on your phone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Connect from anywhere - with tracked emails in Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Mobile, Outlook or Gmail.
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Be Relevant

  • Access valuable prospect activity data and insights — right within your favorite tools.
  • Make every conversation meaningful by focusing on your buyer’s specific interests.
  • Close deals faster and earn your customers’ trust with the right information at the right time.
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Be Productive

  • Identify and focus on the hottest leads to get the most out of your time.
  • Send personalized messages to each prospect instantly with 1:many email campaigns.
  • See which sales emails are—or aren’t—working so you can constantly improve your approach.
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Trailblazers succeed with Pardot.

"There’s an opportunity within the organization to really blur the lines between marketing and sales. Pardot is absolutely helping us do that."
Robert Holmes, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Mac Tools
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