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Pardot helps you market and sell smarter by leveraging data-driven insights to deliver the right message, to the right prospect, at the right time - and then use these insights to create a personalized, coordinated customer journey across all marketing and sales touchpoints.

  • Target key healthcare professionals
  • Educate and nurture strategic relationships
  • Grow your business

Market & Sell Smarter

Create a connected customer journey and engage clients in new ways.

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Key Use Cases

Life Sciences

Empower sales and marketing with powerful insights on HCP engagement. Build relationships digitally with various personas and across multiple channels through personalized journeys.

Physician Referral Management

Empower your physician liaison team with key marketing insights into physician engagement, and increase referral volume by educating your physician community with relevant, automated content.

Healthcare Payers

Acquire more employer accounts while empowering your business development and marketing teams to stay top of mind with broker communities and provider networks through personalized, multichannel digital journeys.

Pardot for Healthcare & Life Sciences Capabilities

Lead Generation

Keep your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-quality leads.

Personalized Content

Deliver personalization at every touch point to improve the buyer journey.

Targeted Nurture Campaigns

Intelligent lead nurturing that adapts to your audience based on who they are and what they do.

Sales Intelligence

Enable sales to reach the right leads at the right time.

Insightful ROI Reporting

Get a clear view of marketing ROI and impact on sales revenue.

Account-Based Marketing

Create more personal interactions with every key account.

Target key healthcare professionals

Identify and prioritize the healthcare professionals that provide the greatest revenue opportunity. Use advanced analytics and built in AI to focus on providers with the highest propensity to buy.

  • As you plan your campaigns, create lists of target audiences sorted by your chosen criteria.
  • Einstein artificial intelligence shows whether the leads are qualified and when they’re ready to advance their relationship.
  • Easily build customized lead capture forms to gather the data that matters to you.
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Educate and nurture strategic relationships

Engage healthcare professionals with personalized, relevant content across multiple channels. Add them to targeted email nurture programs, helping reps to educate providers and stay top of mind.

  • With Engagement Studio, build personalized journeys with targeted campaigns for the providers that matter to you.
  • Use Pardot’s intuitive email builder to create beautiful emails tailored for your audience.
  • Deliver the most relevant information for each client using Dynamic Content.
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Grow your business

Maximize marketing & sales productivity through data driven insights. Because Pardot tracks every healthcare professional interaction with your digital assets and because all of this information lives in Salesforce, you get detailed ROI and engagement reporting. This continuously improves your client experience and drives up conversion rates.

  • Your sales team gets real-time alerts, so they can know exactly when to reach out.
  • Get a holistic view of how campaigns are performing with custom built dashboards.
  • Dig into marketing ROI with multi-touch attribution reporting to get data driven insights about which campaigns are most effective at each stage of the buyer’s journey.
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Trailblazers Succeed with Pardot

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