Insightful ROI Reporting

Finally understand what’s working — and what needs some work.

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ROI Reporting

Measure and track campaign performance, and draw insights based on your data.

  • Tie your individual closed leads back to marketing efforts
  • Analyze campaign success by channel and initiative
  • Connect your marketing efforts to your sales data
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Lifecyle Reporting

Understand how to move customers from click to close.

  • Check the health of your funnel at a glance
  • Identify where opportunities are getting stuck
  • Adapt marketing efforts to close deals more quickly
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Advanced Email Reporting

Email insight that goes beyond the click.

  • Send smarter with SPAM analysis and rendering previews
  • Visual engagement reporting reveals what captures attention
  • Basic metrics like clicks, opens, and more are always available
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Connect Your Favorite Tools

Understand how all of your channels work together to generate leads and accelerate pipeline.

  • Tie programs like webinars and live events to revenue
  • See how individual customers interact with your videos, social media, and more
  • Instantly analyze the true value of your Google AdWords campaigns
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