Lead Nurturing

Intelligent lead nurturing that adapts to your audience. Build, test, and push send with confidence.

  • Automatically send emails based on triggers including time, interactions and other custom parameters
  • Make the most of your database by re-engaging dormant leads
  • Build, test, send, and report — all in one visual interface.
Lead Qualification

Identify your hottest leads — before the competition does.

  • Identify who’s interested by scoring prospect interactions
  • Find the right customers with objective grading
  • Prioritize sales outreach at a glance
Segmentation and Automation

Say “so long” to repetitive tasks, and spend your time more strategically.

  • Put important — but time consuming — tasks like lead assignment on autopilot
  • Build complex, multi-part rules with an easy visual builder
  • Automatically create one time or dynamic lists for better targeting
Dynamic Content

Messaging so relevant, your customers will think you’re a mind reader.

  • Use data to personalize the customer experience
  • Display targeted offers on your website and landing pages
  • Seamlessly shift nurturing and email paths as you uncover new information