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Pardot offers a Quick Start Onboarding package* designed to help you quickly set up your Pardot account for fast results and long-term success. The package provides training, guidance, strategy and best practices designed to facilitate initial setup of your Pardot account in a 60-day time frame.

As of September 1, 2017, the Quick Start Onboarding package is no longer available. Talk to your Account Executive to learn more about other options for a successful Pardot implementation!

Quick Start
Project Planning
Dedicated Implementation Specialist 60 Days*
Project Kickoff Call
Customized Implementation Plan & Quip Project Management Tool
Weekly project check-in & customized training covering topics including, but not limited to, lead generation, lead nurturing, lead qualification, lead assignment, email creation and sending, database segmentation, and reporting.
Dedicated Email Support
Package Review Wrap-Up Call
Onboarding Scorecard
Technical Setup 1
Implement Website Tracking Code to Log Visitor Activity
Create Vanity Tracker Domain (CNAME) for Branded, Pardot-hosted links
Implement Email Authentication for Email Deliverability Optimization
CRM Integration 1
Integration Overview, Salesforce Setup Audit, and Connector Testing Plan
Install the Pardot Connector Package
Lead and Contact Page Layouts Updated
Mapping Lead Fields to Contact Fields
Mapping Salesforce Custom Fields to Pardot Custom Fields
Creating & Mapping Users, Enabling Single-Sign On
Marketing Asset & Integration Setup
Client must provide applicable HTML creative
Email Template, Form and Form Handler, and Landing Page Setup 6 total assets*
Automation Rule Setup
Engagement Program Setup
Database Import 1
Add-Ons & Connectors Setup 2
Dedicated Email IP Setup & Warming Guidance 2
Site Search Integration Setup 2
Salesforce Engage
If purchased before or during the onboarding package, your Implementation Specialist will:
Guide the administrative setup of Salesforce Engage
Lead one training for Sales end users on how to use Salesforce Engage
B2B Marketing Analytics
If purchased before or during the onboarding package, your Implementation Specialist will:
Lead one training on how to set up and interpret B2B Marketing Analytics
Provide best practices on interpreting Pardot data within B2B Marketing Analytics

1 Sections completed by client with guidance from implementation specialist
2 If applicable
* Up to those quantities

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