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Artificial Intelligence

With Pardot Einstein, marketing and sales have access to the full power of AI, allowing them to reach out to the right lead at exactly the right time.

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Pardot Einstein

Use Pardot Einstein to monitor and analyze data from Pardot and Salesforce and use it to prioritize work for your sales and marketing teams. With enough data behind the scenes, Einstein shows what type of prospects most often engage with your assets in the form of straightforward scores and insights.

Pardot Einstein Includes:

  • Einstein Lead Scoring
  • Einstein Behavior Scoring
  • Einstein Campaign Insights
*Requires Pardot Advanced in Lightning Only

Einstein Lead Scoring

Einstein Lead Scoring finds leads that are most likely to become customers based on their persona.

  • Prioritize leads and determine where to focus efforts
  • Use Einstein to score your leads by how well they fit your company’s successful conversion patterns
  • See which fields influence each lead score most
  • By using machine learning, Predictive Lead Scoring provides a simpler, faster, and more accurate solution than traditional rules-based lead-scoring approaches.

Einstein Behavior Scoring

Einstein Behavior Scoring lets you know when leads are ready to buy based on their behavior.

  • Know when leads are ready to buy
  • Focus on the people who mean the most to your business
  • Score prospects on engagement activity
  • Place the Einstein Scoring component on your prospect records to see granular, meaningful insights

Einstein Campaign Insights

Einstein Campaign Insights helps optimize your marketing assets and find new audiences.

  • Uncover top marketing campaigns in real-time
  • Find similarities among prospects who engage with your campaigns
  • Optimize campaigns and discover new audiences
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