B2B Marketing Analytics Features
Customizable Dashboards

Start with a full-funnel view of your business out of the box and run reports on day one.

Create Custom Views

Create granular views of your data and save as lenses to access in the future.

Instantly Share Insights

When marketing and sales are more in sync you can sell more effectively.

Connect Third Party Data

Get a single view of all of your data and streamline reporting on a single platform.

Analytics Mobile App

Access your data on-the-go and quickly share data-driven marketing decisions with your team.

Multi-Touch Attribution Dashboard

Gain insights into which channels drive awareness, perform across all buying stages and help drive deals to close.

Unlock Intelligent Insights

Uncover new marketing insights, attribute impact, and get AI-driven recommendations.

Enterprise Scale

Quickly explore billions of data points with the world’s #1 trusted cloud platform.

Built for B2B Marketers

Get started quickly with pre-built marketing KPIs and best practices, embedded where you work.

You’ll be able to fully understand what has happened with all of your campaigns, why it happened, what will happen, what smart suggestions on what you should do next to intelligently maximize ROI at every stage of the funnel.

  • Ability to understand marketing performance across all channels & tools - connectors to external tools, enhanced dashboards and stories with connector data
  • Einstein Discovery for out-of-the-box AI
  • Ready-to-use intelligent apps and dashboards
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Discover insights and take action across all of your marketing, sales, and service data.

  • Access 3rd party connectors and query billions of rows in seconds
  • Centralize your 1st and 3rd party data with clicks not code
  • Discover your marketing impact with customizable analytics
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Let your data tell a unique story about your business.

  • Get answers to key business questions by analyzing millions of data combinations in minutes
  • Customize attribution models with machine learning to meet the needs of your business
  • Take action on AI powered insights to improve campaign effectiveness
  • Predict factors that drive conversion and revenue with simple point and click interface
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Enterprise Ready

Secure your data on the world’s #1 trusted cloud platform.

  • Use multi-layered protection and monitoring
  • Access continuous upgrades 3x/year
  • Ramp business users with native learning tools

Trailblazers succeed with Pardot.

"There’s an opportunity within the organization to really blur the lines between marketing and sales. Pardot is absolutely helping us do that."
Robert Holmes, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Mac Tools
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