Pardot is excited to be a part of the digital marketing event of the year, Salesforce Connections 2016. We hope you’ll join us, and help Pardot build a amazing B2B Marketing community.

Connections will take place May 10 – 12 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Connections offers something for everyone, from our newest Pardot users to our most seasoned veterans. We can’t wait to see you for three days of marketing insights, inspiration, and fun, and don’t forget to grab your seat for our Pardot Keynote: The Era of Intelligent B2B Marketing Engagement. Attendees at the Keynote will get a limited edition Pardot Atlanta hoodie.

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Sessions For B2B Marketers

  • Did you know that 65% of B2B buyers have already made a purchase decision by the time they engage with a vendor sales rep professional? This means marketers are challenged with uncovering opportunities to influence customers on their own terms, all across more channels than you can count, and in a way that’s more personalized and data-driven than ever before. Join Shannon Duffy, CMO of Salesforce Pardot, and special guests, to explore the latest trends you need to know about, and how Pardot will help you better market, sell, and engage in today's buyer-centric world.

    In Addition, keynote attendees receive a limited edition Pardot Atlanta hoodie!

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  • Content plays a huge role in today's B2B marketing playbook. Content is just, well, words and pictures, right? That is, until someone cares about what you are saying. So, how do you get your audience to care? This eye-opening session will share the secrets of creating truly magical content, including how to create content people want, how to use native language to better communicate your message, and how to be fearless with content delivery.

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  • Looking to generate more engagement and move leads through the pipeline? Hear what's working from a panel of real-life B2B marketing superstars! Marketing leaders will share tales from the trenches, and let you in on the secrets of their best lead generation campaigns.

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  • When Marketing and Sales are in lockstep, revenue soars. Unfortunately, at many companies they aren't the best of friends. Conflicting goals, a history of failed strategy, and lack of technology all too often keep these departments at each other’s throats. But what if you could finally call a truce? Join us to hear tales from the sales and marketing battlefields, and get tips for better lead management.

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  • Building lasting relationships with customers requires consistent, personalized, and relevant engagement. Be among the first to experience Engagement Studio, the new solution from Pardot where you can design engagement programs that adapt to buyer behavior using more than 100 triggers. Join us to hear from early users of Engagement Studio on how this powerful new engine is changing the way they build their B2B marketing programs by allowing them to create create complex, meaningful customer experiences with ease.

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  • The empowered buyer is only the first ripple in the ensuing waves of change our marketing must face. Follow Mathew Sweezey as he provides the reasons the majority of your marketing tactics will fail in the world of infinite noise, and the key foundations to creating a scaleable, repeatable, and valued marketing foundation for the future.

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  • Haters aren’t your problem...ignoring them is. In this eye-opening and hilarious presentation, New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer reveals brand-new, proprietary research into why and where your customers complain. If it feels like there are more complaints than ever, and that you’re spending more time and money dealing with negativity and backlash, you’re right. But the rise of customer complaints is actually an enormous opportunity. Find out why you need to hug your haters and embrace complaints. Jay Baer will teach you how to keep your customers and grow your business.

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Connect with the B2B Marketing Community

From the B2B Marketers Backyard Bash to in-person strategy sessions with the Client Advocate team at "Pardot Live! On-site Office Hours," we are ready to help you get in touch with your inner marketer and other marketers just like you. Throughout the week we will have opportunities for you to join your fellow B2B marketers in strategy sessions, chances to chat with our support team to find solutions to your marketing challenges, and a place to hear how other marketers just like you are finding success.

Join us for "Pardot Live!" at Connections 2016

Are you attending Connections 2016? Join the Pardot Advocate Team for our LIVE Pardot Office Hours sessions and chat marketing automation strategy and best practices with our Pardot experts and other users. The sessions are available to all Pardot users who have completed implementation and are registered to attend Connections 2016. Check out the topics we are featuring - from lead generation to lead scoring - and register for one (or all three) Pardot Live! sessions today.

  • Pardot Live! at Connections 2016: Become a Pardot Pro
    Tuesday, May 10th | 11:30am ET | Register Here
  • Pardot Live! at Connections 2016: The Dynamic Duo
    Wednesday, May 11th | 12:00pm ET | Register Here
  • Pardot Live! at Connections 2016: Finding Your Perfect Match
    Thursday, May 12th | 10:00am ET | Register Here

Hands On Training

Hands-on-training sessions are hands down one of the most popular parts of Connections. Practicing and learning from the Pardot Training and Certification team is extremely valuable, and with limited seating these are sure to sell out fast. Pardot will host six - that’s right SIX - training sessions ranging from beginner to advanced, so don’t miss your opportunity to sign up as soon as the Connections Agenda Builder goes live on April 4.


  • One of Pardot's best features is effortless email marketing. Join us for an hour long session on the basics of building a professional, effective email template quickly using Pardot's visual editor. In this session, we'll cover designing an aesthetically pleasing email template that you could use for future marketing campaigns. Pardot helps you create beautiful email campaigns that deliver. This is a beginner course. You do not need prior Pardot experience, but we do recommend that you have a Pardot account and come with your company's brand assets.

  • Join us for an overview and learn more about growing your pipeline and nurturing existing prospects using Pardot's lead generation tools, including forms and autoresponders. We'll look at how the various lead generation components work together to nurture your database. This is a beginner course. You do not need to have prior Pardot experience to attend.

  • Do you have the basics of email down? Interested in learning more about what makes some of your emails more effective than others using Pardot? Join us for an hour long session that covers all things Email AB Testing. In this session, we'll cover creating an Email AB Test, setting test length, criteria and audience size, deploying an email AB test and reporting. This is an intermediate course. You should be familiar with the Pardot platform to participate in this session.

  • In exchange for personal information, purchase history, and the countless other data points driving the big data trend, customers expect timely, relevant, and valuable marketing, not just the broadcasted campaigns of the past. Join us to learn how to strategically target your prospects with content they will want by utilizing segmentation criteria, dependent field values, progressive profiling, and personalization through dynamic content. This is an intermediate course. You should be familiar with the Pardot platform to participate in this session.

  • Do you ever wonder whether or not you are getting the most out of your Pardot - Salesforce Integration? If so, join us for this hour long session on how to configure Pardot for closed loop ROI reporting in Sales Cloud. In this session, you'll learn how to pull lists with campaign queries and add responses to campaigns for ROI reporting from within drips. This is an advanced course. You should have an integrated Salesforce and Pardot account to attend.

  • Sales and Marketing departments often suffer from a lack of mutual prospect insight, which can cause major setbacks to business success. Join us to learn how your Marketing team can optimize the sales teams' performance by automatically qualifying leads using Pardot's scoring and grading tools. This is an advanced course. You should be familiar with the Pardot platform to participate in this session.