How Sales Teams Can Sell More with Marketing Automation

When you hear marketing automation, these words probably come to mind:
  • Drip campaigns
  • Triggered emails
  • Personalized messaging
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Dynamic content

Those are all common terms associated with marketing automation, but unfortunately, many companies still overlook one key concept: Marketing automation is also for sales teams.

We think of it this way:

“For sales, marketing automation is the bridge that aligns marketing and sales and provides reps with qualified leads, prospect engagement history and marketing approved content. This allows sales teams to create relevant and personalized experiences for leads with the click of a button. Sales will know which leads to follow up with first and spend time doing what matters: closing deals.”

And who doesn’t want to close more deals?

Here are a few ways sales teams can sell more with the help of marketing automation.

Give prospects what they want.

Meeting prospects’ needs may have been a guessing game in the past, but salespeople no longer need to go with their gut when following up or sending the right content.

Marketers have the power to build journeys that meet prospects’ needs at every stage of the funnel.

Tip: personalize prospect journeys across marketing & sales.

For instance, imagine a person searches for “asset management companies” in Google. They click on an article (your article!) that ranks high in the search results and seems relevant. From there, they go to a landing page and fill out a form.

The marketing team can follow up with a triggered “thank you” email with calls-to-action leading to related content. Based on interactions with that email, the marketing team starts to gather data about the lead’s personal preferences.

Sales reps can then use marketing-approved content and email templates to tailor relevant experiences for prospects based on their interactions with marketing content. This makes salespeople’s jobs more efficient than ever because they know exactly how to deliver what prospects want, when they want it.

Follow up in real time.

Salespeople want to strike when the iron’s hot, but there can also be a lot of waiting around as prospects move through their buyer journeys. Sometimes, people in industries with long buying cycles, such as life sciences, can go dark for long periods of time.

That’s why it’s important to know when to follow up — or when to keep waiting.

With marketing automation innovations like Engage Alerts, sales teams can follow up in real time when prospects interact with marketing materials (e.g., a social media ad). This can help salespeople prioritize which leads to reach out to and when, so they can make contact at the perfect moment in that lead’s journey.

Learn more about how Salesforce Engage can help you sell more.

Make manual tasks automatic.

Sales teams used to spend so much time manually qualifying leads, reaching out to prospects, and more. Marketing automation can make these manual tasks streamlined, so your salespeople can focus their time on building relationships.

For instance, when a marketing qualified lead is ready to be handed to sales in your organization, who makes that happen? Furthermore, who is the lead assigned to?

Automated lead assignment is one way to solve for this type of time-wasting manual task. Leads can be automatically routed to a specific salesperson or sales team depending on any number of attributes, such as company size, territory, product interest, lead score, and more.  This can enable sales teams to close more deals because they have more time to do what they do best: sell.

Find out more about marketing automation’s impact on sales.

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