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Accurate ROI and reporting are more necessary than ever as marketing departments are required to move faster, understand performance more fully, and budget with more accountability. Marketing automation gives marketers the ability to do all this and more! Let's take a look at how it works.

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About. ROI Reporting

It's time to fully understand what is happening with your marketing and accurate ROI reporting is the key. Advanced reporting helps you take your marketing to the next level in a number of ways. Here are a few.

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    Accelerated Sales Funnel

    Understanding exactly how leads move through your sales funnel allows you to optimize and streamline your funnel.

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    Sales/Marketing Alignment

    With more transparency in performance and accountability, your sales and marketing teams can be on the same page.

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    Increased Close Rate

    With an optimized sales process, you can significantly increase your sales close rates and drive more revenue.

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    Added Insight

    From what works in campaigns, to a prospect's lifecycle, ROI reporting adds insight and understanding across the board.

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to your marketing performance.
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    Prospect Tracking. Know exactly what your prospects are up to on your website with real-time prospect activity tracking.

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    Integrated Touchpoints. Have your entire web presence integrated into one interface with automation.

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    Campaign Performance. Know exactly how each marketing campaign performed with campaign reporting.

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    Prospect Lifecycle. Understand the length, complexity, and effectiveness of your sales funnel.

How It Works. An Overview

So how exactly is ROI calculated? It's easier than you think! Take a look at each stage of the process in the helpful graphic below.

A prospect clicks on a banner ad, reads a piece of your content, or otherwise finds their way to your website.

When a prospect lands on your site, they are tagged with the original source that drove them to your site.

As a prospect takes further activity on your site, their actions are tracked by the tag assigned to them.

All of this activity is compiled in an anonymous profile specific to that particular prospect.

Once a prospect converts and provides their name, all of the previously anonymous activity data is assigned to their profile.

The data attributed to a lead's profile includes their orignal touchpoint, allowing you to credit the correct campaign when the lead becomes a customer.

Assessment. Reporting

Not sure how to start scoring and grading your leads? This assessment will give you a better idea of what your ideal prospect looks like and how to qualify them.

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Resources. For Additional Insight

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    ROI of Automation
    White Paper

    Get the inside scoop on the ROI of automation with this full white paper.

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    Closed-Loop Reporting

    Understand how to close the loop on your reporting with this graphic.

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    ROI of Automation

    A visual overview of exactly how automation helps you understand your ROI.

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    Marketing Metrics

    A helpful webinar covering the basics of marketing metrics and which ones to track.

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