Pardot Customer Experience

When it comes to our customers, we’re not taking any chances. Pardot acts as a true partner for your marketing team, providing product training, implementation assistance, best-practice recommendations, and ongoing support.

In addition to Pardot’s expert team of specialists, our online Customer Hub is a trusted, on-demand resource that empowers our customers to get the help they need, when they need it. Our Hub includes hundreds of articles, trainings, and other resources to support your continued learning and help you find the answers to your questions quickly.

Getting started with Pardot is easy.

New Pardot customers work with their Account Executives to choose the implementation path that’s right for their needs! Our partner network, Premier Success programs, and self-guided learning resources provide flexible options for onboarding.

Once onboarded, our customers have access to a select team of Success Specialists who provide exclusive office hours, conduct strategy sessions, perform account audits, keep you up to date on new features, and generally make sure that you never feel alone during your time with Pardot.

Pardot customers also get all of the following:

  • Ongoing technical support via email
  • Daily, virtual office hours and strategy sessions with Pardot’s Success Specialist team
  • Live, weekly (and free!) trainings, including deep-dive webinars on specific features
  • Access to Pardot’s Idea Exchange to submit and vote on new product features
  • Free, local user groups in cities across the globe
  • Unlimited access to the Pardot Knowledge Base

Pardot’s services and support team has members located across the globe, with offices in Atlanta, San Francisco, Dublin, London, Sydney, and Tokyo.

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